Your Food, Did God Make it or Monsanto?

Okay, First, my apologies!

I know many have emailed and responded to my blog, wondering how the raw food thing is working out.

Okay, for me, it’s great. Still 80% raw food on a daily basis. For my kids, not so much. So, today I want to update you on where we are and the challenges of eating raw food and serving raw food to your children.

Wow, it’s been two years almost since I updated this blog. Sorry!

My children are now pre teenagers and rebellion has started already. Why can’t we have Twinkies? Why do I have to eat fruit when everyone else gets to eat pizza? My friends don’t want to spend the night because we only eat vegetarian meals. When I grow up I will let my kids eat whatever they want. Wow, what a bummer, eh? Okay, so what do you do? Balance. Balance is the key. In our family we have eliminated all processed foods, nothing packaged, nothing canned, nothing that was not created by the creator. Pisses my kids off! I have succumbed to balance. I now cook food for my children. We have always had sensible meals for dinner, most often cooked meals at that, but apparently cooked vegetables are still vegetables to kids. I do serve them meat (to please my wife), but it is meat, I raised here on the farm. Meat I fed raised and butchered. Okay so, the animal lovers all just cringed. Well I am an animal lover as well. You should see our farm. But humans have to eat. The dogs, cats, rabbits, horses, cows, chickens and pigs also have to eat. So yes, we do eat meat. 80% is the key. My family still eats 80% raw food or steamed food daily.


Okay, so where we are. I have changed my dietary intake of food. I have also changed my children’s dietary intake of food. I allow them to eat what they want outside of my home. Well, I said it. In less than a month of this, my children became sick. Eating the school processed industrialized food made them sick. When they get home from school, every day they complain about their stomachs or their poopy’s. It has sunk in, that Dad was right all along. It makes you sick. They noticed how many of their classmates have been sick since the fall started but not them, until now. They notice how sluggish they feel after eating the school lunches. So I have been redeemed.


So, what I am I doing now to stay in the Adonis body the creator gave me…every day I eat 1 tablespoon of cocoa, 1 tablespoon of coconut flesh or oil, 1 ounce of pistachios, 1 avocado (grow my own in the basement), 1 banana, 1 half cup of blueberries (also grown hydroponically in basement), and 1 whole fresh tomato. Then I have sensible meal with my children, which as a rule includes at least two vegetables and a meat, then I offer them fresh honey we collected last summer or blackberry jelly we made in July on wheat toast. Occasionally I offer up Hershey’s Kisses (the only chocolate made with sugar and cocoa). I have maintained my present weight now of 175 pounds for almost five years. I have not been sick with more than a hangover for over four years. I also take vitamin supplements from NOW Foods. That is it. That is all I do and still everyone wonders why I am never sick, why I am always at peace. Okay, I do drink beer. St. Pauli Girl is my only vice. So, that is where we are. My wife still rebels if I go more than a few days without serving meat but that is to be expected.

What I want to express to you now is if you cannot go raw, if you cannot go at least 80% raw, then please, please at least stop sucking in the poisons from the food industry. I worked in the food industry as a computer scientist, and I have seen their long term plans. It is not good for you or your family trust me. They do not care about you or your family, no matter what they say or advertise. Put it this way, why would a company spend over ten million dollars a year to convince you that their products are not bad for you? Why? Because they are bad for you. They are killing you and making you sick.

I live amongst corn farmers. My farm is surrounded by over three thousand acres of farmland all growing Monsanto GMO corn and soybeans. What do you think they do with it? Do you know what is food, what is feed and what they make corn into? Please read the labels of your food. If it has high fructose corn syrup in it, for the love of God, please throw it out and stop buying it. Any corn syrup, corn syrup solids, any corn products at all other than sweet corn. It is killing you and making you sick. Ask a farmer if he eats the corn he grows. Hell no, they will tell you it’s feed corn. Not meant for humans, meant for animals, corn syrup and ethanol. Please, do your own research, go to the grocers and look at all the products with corn syrup. You ask why are there so many. Because the US Government subsidizes corn and it makes it dirt cheap to use as a sugar instead of God grown cane sugar. Seriously go look in your cabinets. Your soda, your jelly, your catsup, your barbecue sauce, it’s in everything. Then of all things they come out sell the new natural version with sugar instead. Oh my god, what the hell. It was supposed to be natural to begin with and now they are selling you the natural version at a premium.




Do not, repeat, do not rely on the food industry to look out for your best interests. They are in bed, financially, with the pharmaceutical industry. They want you to become ill, they want you to be sick, they want you to die.


I’m not going to go into the whole cancer thing; it just makes me sick to think of it. All these people, people I know, getting sick and dying because they were fooled into thinking their government was on their side, looking out for their best interests. WRONG!!! The USDA is run by former Monsanto employees and vice versa. Check and see for yourself. They passed the laws and they moved into cushy positions back in Monsanto. No one is going to save you. You have to save yourself and your family.


Okay, that is my rant for today. I will post links tomorrow  to more information so you can do your own research. Oh and if you want to read what I have to say about cancer and the cures I have personally seen stop cancer and totally force it into remission the go to our main website here, I will be posting my rant on cancer there.




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