Raw 80% and still maintaining weight

Greetings fellow earthlings!

Welcome, I want to first apologize for not keeping up with these blogs! I get the reports, comments and feedback so don’t think your input has gone un noticed. It has just been a very hectic and surprising year for us here at SpiritualStew!

Lost a job, took a job 500 miles away from the farm and family, traveling 1000 miles round trip every week! Crazy stuff!!!

But first to answer the most often asked question, Yes I am still on the 80% Raw food each day diet!!Still weighing in at 170 pounds!

Life for the most part is good! I have a third article in the diets are a waste of time theme I began this blog with! I will be posting it in a few days!

Now more than ever, I want you to know that the so called food industry is evil and out to cull as many of us on earth as possible! I have direct relatives that are under the age of ten diagnosed with obesity! I have other relatives that have been diagnosed with diabetes!! The same ones that I have repeatedly pleaded with to stop the consumption of aspartame!! My God! When are the sheep going to awake?

Anyhow, just wanted to touch base here! Will post the next article in a few days!!




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